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weather_majors's Journal

Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, & Weather Majors
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A community for weather geeks, especially those who are planning on majoring, are majoring, or graduated with a major in all things weather.
ams, atmospheric sciences, atms sci, celcius, coriolis effect, dew points, dvorak, fnmoc, frontal boundries, geostrophic winds, goes, high pressure, hpc, hurricanes, ir, knots, lightning, low pressure, meteorology, millibars, ncar, ncdc, ncep, ndbc, nemac, nhc/tpc, noaa, nws, precipitable water, pressure gradient force, radiation temperature inversions, sea breezes, short wave ir, ssd, the weather channel, thunderstorms, tornados, tropical storms, ucar, unidata, updrafts, visible, weather, wmo, wv